Ways to Boost Local Sales for Small Businesses

With the pandemic this year, the trend for businesses today is more on ecommerce. Many businesses have invested in their online presence and digital marketing to keep their business alive and growing despite the lockdown.

If you own a small business, one of your greatest revenues comes from local customers. However, how would you reach them if they have limited access to your store these days? Here are some of the tried and tested ways to boost your local sales nowadays.

Local Search Listings

Many people these days do most of their shopping online. If you have a business, you should take your brand to where the people are, and that is online. Consumers usually do some search online first before buying a product or getting a service. You could make your business more visible to local searches by optimizing your local SEO. To do this, the first thing you need to do is to create a Google My Business account.

Be sure to put in complete and accurate details about your business especially the crucial ones – address, contact details, business hours, products/service, and more. Once you have this, local clients can be able to see you on the local search listings when they are looking for similar products or services like you’re offering. They could also leave reviews and ratings on your profile based on their experience, making it easier for next customers to decide whom to trust. Invest in good local SEO by hiring an expert in order to rank higher on Google Maps SEO.

Facebook Marketing

Another good way to market your business these days is through Facebook. Many people have social media accounts and sometimes they use it when searching for a product or service online. After creating your Facebook business page, be sure to maintain it properly to keep your followers engaged. Regular posting of interesting content and prompt replying to your customers’ messages or feedbacks help build your page reputation online.

Your followers can also help your business grows as they share content that appeal to them the most that’s why the type of posts you make matters a lot. They could also leave likes and comments easily on your posts, giving you more insight about your products/services offered. Aside from that, don’t forget to invest in Facebook ads. It is one of the most powerful way of advertising these days which targets both demographic and geographic aspects.

Loyalty Marketing

Adding a loyalty program to your business makes your past customers go back for another transaction especially if they have a positive experience with your shop. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the perks offered by loyalty programs? It is one of the best ways to nurture past clients and prevent them from going away and switching to another brand or shop.

With those 3 effective marketing strategies, you can be sure that your small business will continue to grow despite the current conditions in the past year.




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