Tools Every Carpenter Must Have

If you are a carpenter or you are interested in carpentry, you should make sure that you have the access to the right tools so that the work you do will have a quality finish and finesse. If you are looking to upgrade your toolkit, you should also definitely think about including these tools, if you do not have them in there already.

The Standard Saw

You should never undermine the importance of your saw. A good saw is worth every penny that you spend on it and the standard saw is one that is simple and really easy to use. It is also one of the essentials to any carpenter’s tool kit. You may not need to or want to use power tools for cutting in some case and that is where the standard saw can come in handy. For many successful carpenters not one or two but a variety of saws are needed so that they can complete their job maintaining high quality.

The Quick Clamp

You can never have too many of these if you are a carpenter and the best part again, is that there are so many different types for you to choose from based on the requirements that you have. You will need toggle clamps for holding down the surface that you are working on. And you will also need some types of them to make 90 or 45-degree joints in your work and achieve a whole range of carpentry tasks. They act almost like an extra pair of hands. You do need to maintain your safety though and wear protective goggles or safety eyewear; you can also use a face shield if you like. You should also always remember to select the style and size of the clamp that you are selecting based on the requirement that you have. You should consider factors like the strength, the weight, length of its reach, depth of the reach, how easily you can adjust it and the materials that you will be using these on.

The Spirit Level

This will be available in either small, medium or large sizes and they will help you in obtaining the accurate measurements of how flat a surface is. If you have a range of these you will be able to easily do a great job with different levels of accessibility as well.

The Quintessential Screwdriver Set

You will not be able to use the power tools all the time so having a set of screwdrivers is important. Just one set of high quality and durable screwdrivers will serve you for many years really. The cheaper varieties are usually made from softer materials and the points will strip after a few uses. When you are trying to get something to pry open, use the pry bar and not your screwdrivers.

The Wood Mallet

Last but not the least a wood mallet is something that is usually used by carpenters in order to drive wooden work pieces and dowels as well. It will not damage the edge of the cutting tools and chisels like a normal metal hammer would do. These are just a handful of carpentry tools that need to be in your toolkit.


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