Tips To Help You Go Green!

We hear and see the words “go green” everywhere and usually wonder how we can integrate it into our lives but then that thought stops and we move on to the next topic of interest. Going green can shape our livelihood for the better by affecting different parts of it as by being more conscious of the environment we improve our lives as well as the lives of many others. So how can you make this change for the better? Here are some tips:

Conserve to Save Money

Generally, when we hear the words “go green” we picture the amount of money and time that we would have to give to the cause but I’m here to tell you that that is most definitely not the case in fact, I would dare say it’s the exact opposite. Not only can you save money and time but you can improve your physical and mental health, so basically just upgrade your personal life by being aware of what’s happening around you.

Make Changes for the Better

You can install fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) in your home when your older incandescent ones burn out and when you can wash your clothes in cold water. Since close to 85% of the energy used to machine wash your clothes goes into heating the water and more energy is consumed when you dry it in the machine so opt for a drying rack or a clothesline and use the sun’s free energy instead. As much as we love long hot showers by taking shorter showers you can cut the cost from both your water and heating bill. Install commercial solar panels in your home too as it cuts down your electricity bill.


Extra Effort Goes a Long Way

Biking to work seems to be on the rise right now and for good reason, you don’t just save on gas and parking cost but improve your cardiovascular health and reduce your risk of obesity too. And how can you stay hydrated while on this bike ride? By using reusable bottles of course. But on those days that you want to relax in an air-conditioned vehicle consider carpooling with your friends or co-workers and by doing it just twice a week you can stop 1600 pounds of greenhouse gases from reaching the atmosphere each year. And if you don’t have any friends, there’s always the bus!

Eat Smart

If you eat meat, consider having a few meatless meals a week as meat is expensive and takes up much more of your time than steaming a few veggies. When however, you do choose to buy some meat or animal by-products such as egg, cheese and dairy choose local farmers as it not only helps the local market but is generally organic. And when it comes to seafood try and find a place near you that supports sustainable fishing.

Now you are likely better equipped to wade into a greener world. Remember to try to create your own ways of being more eco-friendly (You can do it your way). But these tips and suggestions should help make your dream to ‘go-green’ just a little bit easier.




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