Tips for Buying Spare Parts for Industrial Equipment

If a machine that you use in construction suddenly breaks down, replacing the whole thing is not an easy option. Most business would opt to fix the machine, preferably with spare parts. Industrial machines can enjoy a longer lifespan at a limited cost with spare part fixes. The challenge, though, is finding the right spare part for the broken down machines. Here are some tips regarding that you can follow:

Find a Speciality Seller

First of all, it’s very important to buy the right type of seller for the spare parts. These days you will find listings online for just about any spare part, excluding some very unique items. Don’t rush ahead to buy whatever you see online at a bargain price. You could be buying a used spare part instead of a new one. The product descriptions may not sound really good either.

Instead of purchasing from random sellers online, find a seller than specialises in the type of machine that needs the parts. For example, if a lifting machine requires a spare part, look for professional access equipment sales staff to guide you in the right direction. You can mostly avoid the common issues anonymous online sellers pose with this approach.

Try to Buy Genuine Parts Rather than Aftermarket

Spare parts can be available as aftermarket parts or genuine OEM. Aftermarket parts are cheaper, but you are most likely getting only a subpar product. It’s best to just pay a little bit extra to buy the genuine spare part you need. A genuine part is tends to be more durable than aftermarket parts. More importantly, you can ensure an exact fit with genuine parts.

Always Specify the Make and Model

It can be difficult to buy spare parts because some machines are older or have patented models. Sometimes different types of machines use the same spare part model. Therefore, don’t buy without the specifying the model and the year of the machine that requires the part. Have very specific information to identify the machine model to make sure you are buying the right spare part.

Ask the Seller or the Manufacturer about Compatibility

If you are not sure about compatibility, you have two options: contact the seller and ask if the part would fit your machine, or contact the manufacturer of the machine directly. Ask them if a certain spare part would work for the machine in question. The manufacturer should know the best, but sellers are usually knowledgeable when it comes to aftermarket spare parts.

Compare Prices across Board

As with other products, don’t forget to compare prices for the spare part you need. Manufacturers may offer high prices. The prices may be low with third-party sellers, but it’s important to see what other options are available and then check price. Compare prices with multiple sellers before buying.

Warranty is a Plus

Not all spare parts come with a warranty, but if it does, then having a warranty will be a major plus. You can protect your purchase best with a guarantee for the part.

Use the above tips to buy the spare part the machine needs. It may take a while, but it will ensure that you end up with the right part.


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