The Different Types of Clamps

Clamps in our work station simply make our work easier, more of like having a third hand help us in the workforce. Many woodworkers to artists in the field of architecture find clamps to be the best helpful took when it comes to fastening materials. With time clamps have come to a very long journey to its position from years and year of serving the best and are now available in the market of tools in an endless choice for you to get your hands on.

Thus it helps to protect a straight edge diagonally a work piece for cutting or routing or to hold a work piece during gluing. There are different types of clamps for every project, ones that are history and also ones that are modern and classy. From small DIY work from home to renovations and buildings of higher structure clamps have been recognized for its securing purposes.

Here are some varieties of clamps that you can find in the market;

Hand Screw Clamps

Also known as ‘Toolmaker’s clamps’ are used in metalwork, clamps are perfect for furniture maintenances; the amendable jaws will also fit angled material, making them very hardy and long-lasting. In fact, nowadays manufacturers do sell wooden hand clamps as well in the market.

Pipe Clamp

The clamps have a rounder shaft and pretty small in size that would come handy and are most commonly used in wood-working shops. It also supports widely in DIY projects as well. Easy to use and are inexpensive. The jaw of the cinch is movable and can be effectively moved from its position. Any task is put against the jaw and afterward the cinch is gradually fixed to ensure that it is held tightly and securely.

Flooring Clamps

Works with another surface to hold materials, flooring clamps are designed to be used when layering flooring, including wooden, panel or laminated floorboards. These are available in many different sizes as well to fit in with the types of flooring from large too small.

Spring clamps

These clamps are cheap and versatile helpers in your workshop. This type is ideal for paying attention to smaller details such as making furniture pieces, including doors, cabinets, and tabletops. This also falls under temporary clamps as it’s used for holding glued surfaces together.

G Clamp

Also known as ‘C-clamps’ is the utmost commonly used and multipurpose clamp serving as a  work piece to a work surface or two parts of a work piece together. Jaw openings extend from around one inch to more than 8 inches. The finish of the screw area ordinarily has a swivel head which empowers the clasp to sit on sporadic surfaces.

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Material Handling

These clamps are used primarily in construction applications to hold heavy material as it is being lifted or manipulated such as in rails and factory settings.


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