Safety Precautions To Put In Place When Using A Steel Bending Machine

Metal is one of the most versatile tools around and has many applications in various industries. Steel bending machines have further increased the functionality of steel and other types of metal through the years. High-grade industrial bending machines have to be used safely with adherence to safety precautions and rules. Let us take a look at some in greater detail.

Understand the Machine and its Operation

If you are a first-time user then getting used to the machine is of paramount importance. Understand its function and how it should be operated. Ideally, you should be able to know how each component of the machine helps it work.  Most people think that looking at an instruction manual is basic but can be a foundational source of information into the basic operation of the machine you look to operate. Training before usage would mean you prevent mishaps and accidents in the long run. Accidents can not only cause you harm but also lead to a significant cost for the company if the material that is used is wasted.

Warm Up The Machine In Cold Weather

Normally, steel bending equipment works at its best in warm conditions. This can simply be done by starting the machine and let it operate in idle for a few minutes before going ahead with the process. The machine itself would produce its own heat and therefore give you its best results later on. Cold weather is known to “stress” machines which even lead the machine to seize up in worst case scenarios, so heat will always be an influential factor in using these machines and getting the job done.

The Sheet Must Be Parallel To The Bender

Any experience hand in metal bending will tell you that the placement of the sheet is vital in getting the job done. This practice is not only applicable in a performance context but is also a very valid safety precaution. Hold your sheet in a proper angle and ensure that in no case will it hit your body and injure you.

Mind Your Hands

When dealing with a machine that can bend steel and other metals at will, it is definitely worth taking into account that there is a reasonable amount of risk involved especially since using your hands is an important part of it all. A lack of attention can lead to a major accident with permanent injuries.

Safety Attire

This attire consists of safety gloves, to protect your hands from heat and sharp equipment, safety goggles for eye protection and work boots to prevent any unwanted scrapes. Most people think of safety attire for metal bending a waste of time and an unwanted hassle. They couldn’t be more wrong. These things go a long way in protecting yourself during usage. Gloves with traction can also help you handle wet sheets of metal that can be slippery and difficult to use. A slip of the hand can lead to potential injuries which can be easily avoided if all the recommended precautions are taken.


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