Guide to Selecting a Pergola

Pergola is a term that can be easily confused. Many different outdoor structures are mistaken for pergolas while pavilions or gazebos get mislabeled as pergolas. There is no fixed blueprint or plan for what a pergola looks like. You can find that they come in different types of sizes and shapes.   

First, we will look at what a pergola is. Basically, a pergola is an outdoor structure that is held up by columns which are supported by an open roof made up of beams and rafters. Gazebos, however have a closed roof and are normally raised up from the ground with a low wall surrounding it for safety. A pavilion is quite similar to a gazebo but it has open sides. You can find pergolas Bayswater experts and decide on how you can locate a pergola in your home.

The common elements of a pergola are the columns, beams, rafters, stringers and a ledger board. Columns support the roof of the pergola and the scale of the pergola will determine the number of columns used. The open roof of the pergola is made out of beams and rafters. Rafters are placed on top of the beams while the beams are connected to the columns. The stringers can go on top of the rafters giving you additional shade. But you can opt out of using stringers if you want to go for a more open look. If the pergola is attached to another structure, you can use a ledger board in place of a beam on the side where the pergola attaches to the wall of the structure.

You can research the basic styles of pergolas and then go on to customise them as you wish. One of the more popular pergolas that you will have seen is freestanding pergolas. This is basically a pergola that is not attached to your home but stands apart on its own as a free structure. These bring a lot of aesthetic value to gardens as they can enhance the existing landscape. It also gives you a place to gather with friends or family for a cosy family meal. The attached pergolas will be directly connected to one of the walls of your house. This is used when you want to cover an outdoor space that is attached to your house such as a deck or patio. There are also awning style pergolas that don’t require the use of columns. This can be installed over a door or window to get shade and give character to the house.

If you’re looking for more versatility in the covering of the roof, you can go for a louvered pergola that will allow you to adjust the sunlight that comes in. You can either choose an automatic or manual louver depending on the frequency of use and budget. While most pergolas have a flat roof, you can find ones with arched tops as well. An arched pergola will have a classic and romantic look. You can find wooden, fiberglass, concrete, steel or vinyl pergolas depending on what function you require and the aesthetics you are looking at.




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