How to Create a Domain Name in 2018

2018 is already here, and the internet is flooded with websites. It’s harder now more than ever to come up with a unique domain name for a website, especially a commercial website. Obtaining particular domains has become more competitive than ever before as well. So read below to learn all about creating a domain these days that will surely be a massive catch among the target audience:

Professionally Manage Your Domain Name

In the past, websites simply paid the annual registration fee for the domain name and then forgot about it. This level of simple engagement is not so easy anymore. Once you purchase a particular domain name, a fake website with a similar sounding name could easily pop up, creating a whole mess of legal and liability problems. Your domain name could easily end up for sale again if you miss a payment as well. Therefore, hire a professional domain management agency like to avoid these all too common problems. The fee may be excessive for personal websites, but for business websites, it would be an essential expense to maintain the commercial website.

Combine Brand with Keywords

Finding it hard to come up with a unique yet simple name for the domain? Even if you do, your website might still not be discoverable on indexing engines. To make sure your website is discoverable as well as appealing, consider coming up with a brand name and combining the name with one or two highly targeted keywords. This should increase the discoverability of your website.

Choose a Common Extension

While the domain name should be unique, the extension of the web address should never be. You can technically purchase extensions like .biz, but it’s encouraged not to do so. An uncommon extension can make your website hard to find. Therefore, stick to the well-known extensions like .com. For local sites, consider obtaining an .au extension to increase local search discoverability. There are even local extensions you can buy like .melbourne or .sydeny. If your site is reaching a hyperlocal crowd, these extensions will become actually useful.

Buy Similar Sounding Domains Too

If you run a commercial website, you might want to consider buying new domains for various spelling variations for the domain you choose. You can pose a direct link to the right site. This is not just a practical suggestion; it’s important for security as well. For example, has purchased amzn. com and redirects to the real website. This prevents dubious third parties from using as a clone website.

Compare Prices Online

Before you buy a domain via a service, don’t hesitate to compare prices across the net. A different registrar may offer a better deal.  Don’t take cheap deals at face value. If you get a $10 deal from one place, don’t forget to double check and see what others are offering in the same regard. Price comparison is crucial for getting the best deal for your domain, just as with any other product.

Follow the above suggestion when buying a domain in the New Year. Make sure you are getting the best deal and that you are choosing the right name.




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