Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Having a bright smile is something that many people love to have and there are many teeth whitening kits that you can buy over the counter. However, you will be able to find an effective solution with professional teeth whitening.

The main reason that people go for this procedure is to improve dental aesthetics.

There is something attractive about a bright smile that is not touched with stains or discolourations. Stains are caused by tea, coffee, red wine and the use of tobacco. If you have any stains that you need to get rid of, you can take a look at our dental services to get an idea of how to book an appointment for professional teeth whitening. Some of these stains can be resistant to these stains and you will see better results with professional teeth whitening as the dental clinic will be using professional grade products. This will allow you to reach a level of brightness in your teeth that is not possible with over-the-counter whitening products. In addition to improving appearance, this can help improve your self-esteem as well. People can be hesitant to smile especially if they are self-conscious about their teeth discolouration. The whitening treatment will also be done under the supervision of dental professionals that are trained in this and has a lot of experience. Therefore, this procedure is safe and it will be tailored to the needs of the patient.

The unique characteristics

Of your teeth will be taken into consideration when it comes to a professional teeth cleaning unlike over-the-counter kits that are more of a one-size-fits-all. Also, the sensitivity level of your teeth will be taken into consideration when you have this procedure done at a dental clinic. This personalised approach is a great way to minimise any adverse effects of the procedure and you will be able to have a comfortable experience. If you want to have your teeth whitened in a short duration, the best option is to go for a professional teeth whitening procedure as you will be able to have efficient results. You will have a noticeable improvement with just a single session and you will be able to see the effects right after the treatment has finished. If you have a busy schedule, this can be a convenient option to deal with teeth discolouration.

Most of the time,

The over-the-counter teeth whitening products will provide you with temporary results and you will need to adhere to this consistently. But with professional teeth whitening, the results will last far longer. This is due to the high-quality whitening agents used at the clinic. You will also be advised on how to take care of your teeth after the treatment so that the effects can be preserved for longer. You can also choose the level of whiteness you need for your teeth. This will be discussed at the initial consultation and you will be able to achieve your desired shade. This level of customisation will not be possible with over-the-counter whitening kits.




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