Don’t give up on outdoor marketing

Outdoor marketing is, simply, marketing that takes place in the streets, markets, roads that is, outdoors, as opposed to online. It might seem old fashioned, but it is the tried-and-true method of marketing to the masses. It has lost its place due to the digital revolution, bringing marketing to the internet in the form of internet and social media advertising but consumers still pay make most of their purchasing decisions while outdoors; outdoor marketing capitalises on this. Advertising fatigue also makes internet uses numb to advertising. We spend most of our times staring into screens but relatively few make a purchasing decision based on a popup, YouTube ad or social media post. There are thousands of advertisements on the internet being ignored but the outdoors is still a great place to advertise something as people will remember interesting advertisements they see while on the roads, travelling, while hungry – it is an experience. There are several ways to advertise outdoors but to catch potential customers’ eyes, you’ll have to be creative.

Advertising at Events

Outdoor events such as sporting events, concerts, and car shows or even events hosted by your own company are great places to market products. Curious consumers often flock to stalls outside of event venues while idling or once the event is finished. A marquee tent (such as those found at printed marquees Brisbane) or a stall might be a valuable investment, especially if your product is something that can be purchased out of one; you can turn a marketing opportunity to a sales opportunity.


Billboard advertising is the first thing that comes to mind when we hear outdoor marketing. They are large and visible to passers-by and relatively cheap. They can be placed on roadsides, near public places, junctions etc. as long as they aren’t intrusive or in poor taste. There are many types of billboards – static billboards are the most common and are made to display a simple image or message, mobile billboards can be placed on public transport such as trains and buses, and digital billboards can be used to display short videos or multiple products in sequence, although they are several times more expensive than static billboards.

Transit advertising

People spend several hours each day in public transport. The commute to work for most people is idle and time consuming. Advertising in public transport terminals and vehicles exposes your product to many people who are there during their commute to work, school, university, or home. Airports and train terminals have waiting areas which are apt for this purpose.

Retail Advertising

Retail advertising refers to advertising a product through retails stores, such as with promotions and discounts. Therefore, it should be noted that retail advertising generally works when the product being advertised can be purchased at a retail store. Retail advertising is mostly done through a sales initiative more than just advertising.

Guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing is a wildcard in the marketing sphere because it has no definite method and may not yield the expected results. There are, however, guerrilla marketing campaigns that have been wildly successful although it is also risky in that it might not work or may result in negative publicity. Examples include art installations, flash mobs and other oddities.




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