Exploring the benefits of glue on shoes for your horse

A crucial part of horse care is to find the right horse shoes that will easily fit onto your horse and make the work that they do a lot easier. The horse shoes that you have chosen for your horse will also decide on how comfortable and happy the horse is as well.

As there are different options out there when it comes to choosing the right horse shoes, choosing what is best will certainly be a difficult decision to make. Therefore, it is critical that you choose a horse shoe that is best fit for the type of the work that the horse does. One type of a horse shoe that has stood out and has become popular in the recent times are glue on horseshoes. There are certainly great benefits that come with the use of glue-on shoes for your horse. Let’s take a look at the great benefits of using glue on shoes for your horse:

Helps in shock reduction

When the horse is doing their work, their hooves will be exposed to a lot pressure. With increasing shock to the hooves, there is a higher chance of the hooves being damages as well. One of the greatest benefits of wearing glue on shoes for horses is that they will help in reducing the shock.

These are especially great for your horses if they have a sore foot. It has been shown that horses those who have sore feet will show a quick improvement in the way that they walk.  These horse shoes will have a great thickness which is similar to that of a competitive pad. In addition to that, they are also not affected by dry or deconditioned as well.

They are clinically proven to treat sore feet

When you are using glue on horse shoes, you will be getting a clinically proven solution to help the horses who have sore feet.  This is due to the great features that they come with including the adhesive bond, the thick surface that will absorb shock, etc.

If you note that your horse is facing hove problems such h thin, broken, shelly or cracked hooves, it is ideal that you use glue on feet that will help in creating safety to your horse.

Simple application

When you see using glue on horse shoes, you will be getting great and simple application. This gives you the chance to create a better experience when the horse shoes are being removed or applicated onto the horse.

They will be securely and quickly applied onto the horse shoes that will create an overall better experience and will horse care a lot easier. This will also prevent the discomfort that your horse will have to face as well.

Find the right supplier

When you have found the right horse supplies supplier that you can trust, getting horse care items such as the needed horse shoes will always help you with obtaining great horse care.


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