8 Ways to Save Electricity in An Office

Tired of spending a lot on your energy bill? There are enough and more ways to reduce your bill. All the best things you can do are discussed below. Keep reading.

Do an Energy Audit

You can request an audit of the energy that is being used. When calculating electricity costs, you’d see that you’re spending far too much on certain things. Speak to the company supplying you with power.

When you receive the audit, be proactive and get rid of all the ways that are wasting electricity.

Get Employees to Work from Home

Think about it – can your workers work from home? If they can do their job at home, there is no reason for them to come to the office. You’ll be saving electricity, as they would be paying for their own power.

Don’t forget that you’d be saving on rent and transport too. Why wouldn’t you want that?

Improve Air Circulation

This would be an investment, but it’s worth it. Improve the ventilation of the space. You might have small windows, not letting much air come in. This causes the space to heat up. By purchasing larger windows, you’d be saving on your electricity bill as a result.

Speaking of windows, get double-paned ones. Once shut, they’d act as insulating barriers – there would be a layer of air between two sheets of glass. The insulation would prevent heat from entering and escaping. You wouldn’t have to blast your heater and AC as often.

New Office Equipment

Like the above point, this would be an investment too. However, you can think of swapping the equipment and appliances in your office for energy-efficient ones. You can know if they’d save electricity or not by the presence of an energy-star symbol on their sides. The products are easy to come by, so you wouldn’t have to look hard for them.

If you already have office equipment and don’t want to spend too much on the new ones, you can exchange the older items for them. You might get up to 50% off.

New ACs

While on the topic of new equipment, the AC in your office may be old. It could be sucking up too much power. Replacing it with a new one would save you electricity, especially if it’s an energy-saving option.

Get Rid of Old Light Bulbs

Something easy that would save you electricity would be changing your light bulbs. Know that almost 90% of the energy sucked up by light bulbs is wasted as heat. Be smart and pick options that try and reduce this percentage – less electricity would be wasted then.

Final Thoughts

Let’s summarize all the points discussed. You unfortunately are using too much electricity than you should. This could be due to many factors, and an energy audit would help you narrow things down. By eliminating all of the things that are sucking up power, you’d be saving tenfold.

What would also help would be new appliances. Their age could be making them not very efficient.




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