Different Types of Obscure Glass for Windows

Obscure glass is commonly used among commercial establishments. This is the type of glass treated and designed to have a little opacity and diffuse light in a different way. It gives a room a certain level of privacy while still letting natural light in. Modern designs also add some aesthetic value to any space whether it is commercial or residential.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is the most common type of obscure glass. It can either be acid-etched or sandblasted, depending on your preferences. From the name itself, this type of glass is white with a smooth texture and its opacity varies depending on its use. Window frosting Melbourne is commonly used on shower doors, storefronts, spas, cafes, and more. It gives a decent amount of privacy without blocking the natural light from coming in.

Acid-etched frosted glass has a smooth and more even texture since it has been treated with an acid solution that changes the outer surface of glass. It has a more uniform look overall the surface, easy to clean and maintain.

Sandblasted glass, on the other hand, utilizes sand and other materials to achieve a frosted effect. It has a more varied texture compared to acid-etched ones and you can choose how opaque you want it to be.

Patterned Glass

Another stylish window option is patterned glass. These are glass that has beautiful patterns embedded in its surface. Commonly chosen patterns are geometric shapes, leaves, stripes and swirls. You can also opt for timeless designs such as Flemish and Chantilly patterns. Patterned glass adds a touch of luxury to any room whether it is a simple office or a retail outlet.

Raindrop and Bubble Effect

Raindrops or bubble designs are best used on shower rooms, bathrooms and even restaurants if you want a refreshing atmosphere. If you want to update a room’s look into a fresh one, try using these types of patterns on the windows.

Ribbed Glass

If you’re looking for simple yet modern design, a ribbed pattern is what you need. It gives a beautiful 3-dimensional effect when light passes through the ribbings.

Window Tints

If in any case you don’t want to fully replace the windows in your shop yet still want an upgrade in design, window tints are just what you’re looking for. These are decorative films that fit over the existing window glass. Aside from being budget friendly, window tints are also easy to apply on your own. There are also a wide range of designs and patterns to choose from depending on what you like. For example, cartoon character designs are perfect for kids’ rooms and nurseries while floral patterns add classic elegance to an area. Stained glass effects are also available if you want a regaler look.

Window tints are not fully opaque; meaning light can still pass through the designs. However, if you want some privacy, there are also frosted tints available.

Beautifying your windows is one simple step that adds to the aesthetic appeal of any room. Upgrade your shop with obscure glass and see the difference.


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